I feel certain that if, in our homes, parents will read from The Book of Mormon prayerfully and regularly, both by themselves and with their children, the spirit of that great book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell therein. The spirit of reverence will increase; mutual respect and consideration for each other will grow. The spirit of contention will depart. Parents will counsel their children in greater love and wisdom. Children will be more responsive and submissive to the counsel of their parents. Righteousness will increase. Faith, hope, and charity - the pure love of Christ - will abound in our homes and lives, bringing in their wake peace, joy, and happiness.
- President Marion G. Romney

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Living Scripture - You Know Enough

I hope that I am not stepping on any one's toes by posting this but I have so enjoyed reading the conference talks and discussing them so I am picking up where TaLaisa left off. My hope is to have a new conference talk posted each week for discussion.

This talk come from the Saturday morning session of October's conference. It was given by Elder Neil L. Anderson. The title is You Know Enough. Find it here. Here's an introduction: "As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have enormous spiritual reservoirs of light and truth available to us... In our days of difficulty, we choose the road of faith."

Please, read through the talk. Ponder it. Then return here, and share your thoughts. We have all week.


Tricia said...

Thank you for posting this. It is exactly what I needed today.

Elder Anderson touched on a great point that really hit home with me. Faith is not only a feeling, it is a decision. How true. I think back on my early years of childhood and how easy I had it. I had so much help gaining my testimony from parents, friends, church leaders and family. I didn't really ever have to make a conscious decision. The church was just true, end of story.

As I got older and feeling more independent, I realized that my testimony was based on the testimony of everyone else around me. I started to question if I myself knew with certainty what others had shared. I had an amazing seminary teacher who I will never forget. He talked a lot about personal conversion, and that being a member of the church was a decision, that you had to decide to be obedient, to have faith. I began to realize that every decision I made reflected on that ultimate decision - being a member of the church.

I have never been perfect in my decisions, and know that I never will be. But as Elder Anderson also pointed out, we may not know everything, but we know enough. We are not expected to be perfect, only to try. On days like today that is one piece of knowledge I can be sure of, one part of the plan that gives me comfort.

Amanda D said...

I loved your comments, Tricia. I read the talk this afternoon, and a feeling of peace filled me. How great that I know enough.

I feel like I am like Elder Anderson was before his mission. I believe the church, but my spiritual knowledge is limited. After reading this, I realize, it's okay! I'm improving by studying and praying and attending church (as he said, it takes a lifetime!).

I also loved the reminder that faith is a decision. It's a decision we make every time we make a choice.