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- President Marion G. Romney

Friday, July 25, 2008

...They Did Administer to Them According to Their Wants...

Please forgive the late post. I've had internet troubles this morning. Back up and going -- hooray!

We'll finish up this week with Alma 35. It's a short chapter, but sets the stage for the next big "story" in the Book of Mormon -- Helaman and his stripling warriors. Also, it introduces the next couple of chapters where Alma c0unsels his sons.

Before we get to those chapters, though, as I read over chapter 35 today, I was struck by how much good doctrine, example, etc. there was even in this brief chapter. One thing in particular was the people of Ammon's immediate compassion and response to the newly converted Zoramites.

What things are you learning in chapter 35 today?


Janelle said...

The verse that stuck out most to me was vs. 15

Now Alma, being grieved for the iniquity of his people, yea for the wars, and the bloodsheds, and the contentions which were among them; and having been to declare the word, or sent to declare the word, among all the people in every city; and seeing that the hearts of the people began to wax hard, and that they began to be offended because of the strictness of the word, his heart was exceedingly sorrowful.

Even today people of the church are offended by the strictness of the word and that makes me sorrowful like Alma.

Stanton said...

Janelle, it reminds me of Laman & Lemuel who took offense at Nephi's preaching. The guilty taketh the truth to be hard for it cutteth them to the core.

I just loved verse 9 today:
And now the people of Ammon did not fear their words; therefore they did not cast them out, but they did receive all the poor of the Zoramites that came over unto them; and they did nourish them, and did clothe them, and did give unto them lands for their inheritance; and they did administer unto them according to their wants.

After the Nephites had done the same thing for the Ammonites, they turned and did it for these converted Zoramites. Yet another sign of true conversion -- taking on the gospel culture. Loved it.