I feel certain that if, in our homes, parents will read from The Book of Mormon prayerfully and regularly, both by themselves and with their children, the spirit of that great book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell therein. The spirit of reverence will increase; mutual respect and consideration for each other will grow. The spirit of contention will depart. Parents will counsel their children in greater love and wisdom. Children will be more responsive and submissive to the counsel of their parents. Righteousness will increase. Faith, hope, and charity - the pure love of Christ - will abound in our homes and lives, bringing in their wake peace, joy, and happiness.
- President Marion G. Romney

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today we'll study Alma 25 & 26.

Alma 25 recounts the fate of the seed of Amulon and the priests of king Noah. What consequences did they suffer for their actions?
Also, how can we relate verses 15 & 16 to our day and time?

As you read Alma 26, the rejoicings of Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni after the end of their mission, think about your own success in life. These verses, I think, can be attributed not only to missionary success, but all aspects of our lives. Who is the ultimate author of every good thing? Who wants us to succeed both spiritually and temporally?
What can we learn from Ammon's recitation of their mission?

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